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All of our puppies are loved and socialized from the minute they are born. We expose them to new sounds, smells, surfaces to walk on and people of all sizes from the day they are born. This gives our puppies everything they need for healthy, positive beginning in life. 

From the time puppies are born we begin with “Neurological Stimulation”


Training our puppies for you: 

*We begin using the command “Come”  with ball play at 4 weeks old.                

*We begin using the command “sit ” with ball play at 5 weeks

*We begin leash training with puppies to follow at 6 weeks old.

*We introduce crate training at 7wk

*Temperament tested at 7 weeks using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. This along with your puppy questionnaire form, phone interview helps us match puppy with your family and lifestyle. 

If you are interested in reserving one of our puppies, please go to our puppy questionnaire form link below.  

Puppy Questionnaire Form