Over Night Crate Training 

Here is what I recommend if you want to begin right away with the crate. Because changing homes is a very stressful event and because the first night alone without littermates is the most stressful part of that change, I suggest spoiling your puppy for the first 2 or 3 nights if you choose to begin using the crate overnight right away.  Get up with him every time he cries.  Take him outside.  Sit with him again in the night until he’s sleepy before putting him back in the crate.  Get up more than once if necessary. Some puppies can hold it all night. Most cannot and you must err on the side of caution when your puppy cries.

However, don’t let the spoiling continue for more than 2 or at the most 3 nights.  After your puppy has been in your home for a few days, it’s time to stop sitting with your puppy in the night.  If he cries, take him out to pee.  Tell him to go potty.  Give him a couple of minutes.  If he doesn’t go, put him immediately back in his crate and leave him…..even if he cries.  Within a few nights, he’ll decide that it’s not worth crying just to be taken out for a couple of minutes and then be put right back in the crate.  Most puppies can sleep for 8 hours by 9-10 weeks if they’ve gotten used to taking all naps during the day in their crates.  Most puppies can go for 6 hours without pottying at night as soon as they leave my home.  All of them should be able to go for 4 hours as long as water has been taken away before 7:00.

Make sure that you’ve taken your puppy’s water away from him several hours before you put him in his pen or crate for the night.  I take the water away at 7:00. Most will hold it until I get up before 6:00 a.m.