Heaven Sent Golden Retrievers

33708 150 th st sw

Euclid MN 56722


Puppy Sale/Adoption Agreement

This agreement is in effect as of :




Date of Birth:___________________________________________________


Heaven Sent Golden Retrievers agrees to provide the following:

1) This puppy has a 5 day general health guarantee. This puppy

is sold in good faith with no known health problems unless

specifically stated in this contract. This puppy has been

inspected by a licensed veterinarian prior to delivery to the

buyer to ensure that it is in healthy condition for travel and is

not known to carry any infectious diseases or genetic

abnormalities. In addition, this puppy is guaranteed to have

received all possible vaccinations and deworming treatments

as deemed age appropriate.

2) Heaven Sent Golden Retrievers warrants that this puppy will be free

from any screenable genetic disease related to hips, elbows, eyes, heart,

liver, kidney and lungs for two years from the date of sale.

Heaven Sent Golden Retrievers is not responsible for any health

issues that arise due to environmental factors, overfeeding,

abuse, neglect, untimely veterinary care or accidental injury.

In the event that a screenable genetic fault is detected, the

puppy will be replaced as mutually agreed

upon by the parties of this contract. Should such illness

occur, veterinary documentation to support any diagnosis will

be submitted to Heaven Sent Golden Retrievers. The seller 

reserves the right to have his veterinarian examine the dog

should any congenial fault be suspected.

3) Heaven Sent Golden Retrievers warrants that both parents of this

puppy have been screened and x-rayed, for hip dysplasia,

elbow dysplasia. Siblings, parents and pedigrees of both sire

and dam have been researched closely to ensure that both

parents of this puppy are healthy representatives of the breed.

However, as hip/elbow dysplasia is a multifactoral disease

and cannot be linked solely to a single genetic cause.

Hip/elbow dysplasia is greatly affected by both environment and 


4)The buyer agrees to feed puppy “Life’s Abundance” large breed puppy food for the first year then continue with “Life’s Abundance” adult dog food for the following year. This will insure us that your puppy is getting optimal nutrition that will aide in optimum joint health and overall health for the first two years.

This puppy should also be raised and exercised in a way that is

conducive to optimum joint health. Excessise exercise for the first year of puppy’s life is not advised.

5) This puppy is being sold with a LIMITED AKC

REGISTRATION. The buyer will spay or neuter their dog

within one year of age. No litters can be produced by this

dog. AKC registration will be provided to the buyer upon proof

of spay or neuter.

6) Heaven Sent Golden Retrievers reserves the right to refuse

purchase to anyone at any time. The deposit or payment will

be refunded in full if refusal is implemented.

7) The buyer agrees that this dog will not be used in any manner

that is inhumane. The buyer will take good care of the dog.

This includes providing quality nutrition, shelter, medical care

(including all vaccinations as determined by your veterinarian)

and a safe environment to ensure the physical well-being of

the dog. The buyer also agrees to provide the personal time,

love, and human connection needed by golden retrievers to

develop and mature emotionally.

8) Buyer agrees to contact seller with any questions pertaining to puppy training in the case behaviour issues arrise such as barking, jumping, digging, resource guarding, chewing, nipping etc. right away so a team approach can be started in helping puppy stay successful towards becoming a happy adult dog. The longer a puppy is allowed to continue unwanted behaviour, the harder it will be to resolve it.  Text: 701-213-3552

9)Heaven Sent Golden Retrievers is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses incurred on retruned dogs.

10)Buyers are respondsible for all transportation costs in all cases.

11)Payment  for this puppy must be received in full prior to any

travel or departure from Heaven Sent Golden Retrievers. No checks accepted on day of picking up puppy.


All parties agree by signature, to follow the terms of this agreement.

This contract contains the entire agreement between these parties and is not transferable. Any legal action for whatever reason would take place in the state and county of the residence of the seller.



Seller ________________________________ Date_____________


Buyer________________________________ Date_____________