Paws Helping Hands
The Home on the Range residential youth-care facility near Beach N.D. partnered up with our Paws Helping Hands.  Home on the Range Canine Assistance Program Coordinator said she had noticed a positive impact on the children.  The children were in charge of all the maintenance of the animals, including cleaning, feeding, and training which gives them an opportunity to improve responsibility, empathy and altruism.

Youth participated in the Canine Assistance Program at Home On The Range. They raised and trained four Golden Retrievers from our breeding program.  One of the four Golden Retrievers was evaluated meeting criteria for further assistance dog training through Service Dogs For America.  

Clifford, one of the four has been donated to Home On The Range.  Clifford trained by the youth at Home On The Range is now a Therapy Dog that participates in a reading program through a local school in Beach N.D.


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